Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Weighing in on my Marriage


     This morning, my skinny husband cashed in on a gift I gave him for Christmas - 4 sessions with a trainer.  As I've mentioned before, I need to bulk him up since I can't seem to lose the weight and I DO NOT want to weigh more than him.  So at 6 a.m. today, he met up with a professional who can do the job for me.  Skinny husband had his heart rate and measurements taken and he weighed in... exactly 1 pound heavier than me.

     At first I was happy because the number is bigger than the one I am presented with on the scale each week.  But I am DANGEROUSLY close to weighing more than him.  That just won't do.  Game on. Bring it.  This just can't happen and I am reinvigorated with my new mission in life.

Jay Robb Enterprises - Egg White Unflavored 24oz, 24 oz powder     I got the news and started off my morning with an unflavored protein shake by Jay Robb and 5 ripe strawberries.  I took my probiotics and have every intention of working out today.  I roasted a chicken last night with oregano and lemon along with some acorn squash (a Weight Watchers recipe) so I am set up for success with my lunch and dinner.  I smiled coyly as my husband downed a cream cheese muffin from Starbucks and offered him a big fat bagel with plenty of butter to go with it (he turned it down).  I'll be adding plenty of carbs to his meal tonight too, maybe a side of Cheetos and some full fat ice cream for dessert.

     I won't give up until I am in the "clear"-will that be a 10 pound difference?  15? I'm not sure but I'm going to stay focused on the task at hand...a little competition never hurt a relationship right? Let's hope not!



Anonymous said...

Sounds like an interesting competition you've got going there. Good luck to you. Just a side note, I see you've picked up egg white protein. If you don't have any allergies, you should consider switching to whey. It is more quickly absorbed by the body and has the highest biological value of any protein out there. Eggs are a great source of protein, but if you are going to opt for protein powder, you might as well get the best and go with whey. Bulk Foods Direct (http://bulkfoodsdirect.com) has a great whey protein powder you should check out. Good luck kicking "Skinny's" butt! :)

KMac said...

Thanks for the tip...I'm gonna check that out!

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