Monday, December 14, 2009

In the Closet

     My acupuncturist told me that there is clear evidence that people who weigh themselves every day won't lose as much weight - whether it's the pressure and the stress on their bodies, I'm not sure, but this week I took his advice (sort of).  My weight fluctuates by several pounds in a day and I was becoming a little obsessed --to the point of weighing myself every time I went to the bathroom.  I would even check the scale when I got up in the middle of the night. So, the acupuncturist suggested hiding my scale in the closet.

   This was one of the most difficult dieting weeks of the year for me -- where I faced the most challenges.  With a remodel, we had no kitchen or sink, lots of eating out, add in a trip with the kids to Disneyland complete with plenty of goodies, and throw in a sick baby that stopped me from getting to the gym --the pressure was on!  I crept into the closet just once...okay twice, to see how I was doing.  I remained focused on my goal, but slipped a couple times -- a cookie here, glass of wine there but still protein and veggies were the foods of choice.  I am proud to say I even ordered a salad at Disneyland.   Not knowing what my weight was made me feel a little out of control but it was freeing at the same time.

And guess what?  I weighed in 1 lb. lighter today at Weight Watchers! It doesn't sound like a lot but given all of the obstacles, I was THRILLED.

How often do you weigh yourself?


Gloria Cantu said...

That is awesome Kelly! I think you looked great today at the concert. I was going to tell you today at the event, but didn't want to interrupt you while you were trying to take pictures and stuff. I think it's great to hide the scale. It's all on how you feel as far as your energy level. Keep up the good work!!

KMac said...

Thanks so much GC! You are so sweet! It's been hard not to look but it made my weigh in so much more exciting!

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