Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Boot Camp


     Shopping for the perfect gifts, addressing holiday cards, buying a Christmas tree, stringing lights and trimming the tree...just a few of the many demands we have on us during the holidays.  If you're like me you want everything to be PERFECT for the kids and because we LOVE it.  We want to get into the spirit of the holiday and embrace every little thing.  But baking, mailing and shopping take time and one of the first things to go can be our workout routines.

   I was on a roll last week with cardio sessions coupled with circuit training.  I lifted weights, ran, biked and worked out on the elliptical machine.  But this weekend was sort of a bust.  I put attending church, purchasing our tree and decorating ahead of working out.  I have found a good solution to my time crunch during the holidays.  Last year my sister bought me the 10 MINUTE SOLUTION HOT BODY BOOT CAMP DVD.  And can you believe, I just got around to opening it?  The video is a quick, high energy workout led by Amy Bento a NASM certified group fitness instructor in Norwalk, Connecticut.  It includes workouts called Hot Body Cardio, Ab Assault, Rock Bottom Sculpt, Calorie Blasting Drills and the Better Body Stretch.  Although 10 Minute Solution may not be winning any awards for production quality, it's a great answer to the excuse "I don't have any time" to workout.

     Today I found 10 minutes and did the Hot Body Cardio, my heart rate got up there and I worked up a sweat.  Although 10 minutes doesn't sound like a long time, it is an efficient workout and did take my body into the fat blasting zone.  My legs actually hurt a few hours later because Amy leads you through some unique cardio moves. Have you used this video before? What did you think?

I weighed in at Weight Watchers today and dropped .2 lbs.  I guess that's better than gaining. I went to American Girl for dinner with the family and had a little bit of dessert and I kept the wine drinking to a minimum.  Besides that I stayed right on track.  5 lbs by Christmas or bust!