Monday, November 16, 2009

All things being equal

     I weighed in today at Weight Watchers and was EXACTLY the same as last week down to the tenth of a pound.  I was amazed but I can't say I was disappointed.  I followed ALL the rules this week, I ate well (salad, lean protein, water), took all my nutritional supplements and exercised.  I can feel my body changing every day.  My legs feel tighter, my arms feel smaller and my mind is calmer.  I am very confident that positive changes are coming and I am certain the lbs. will come off this week.  I'm just going to stay focused.

     My stated goal was that I would lose 15 lbs. before Thanksgiving.  That's 10 days from now and so far I  have lost 7 lbs.  That means, I will have to lose almost 1 pound a day to achieve my goal.  That's virtually impossible.  But I am not going to stop trying.  This is when I might typically GIVE UP.

Help! Any advice out there for getting over these humps?  How do you keep your chin up in times like these?


Gloria Cantu said...

I would say that Weight Watcher's has a bad scale!!! You look great Kelly and best of all, you are making healthy choices. If you feel great, then you will look great. Keep up the good work and don't stress over the pounds. Think about the changes you have made and how far you have gone. Cheering you on Kelly!!!!

KMac said...

Thanks G! For now, I'm going to just concentrate on feeling great. Need to see that scale move so that BMI goes down though. Thanks for the support!

Pea said...

I went for a walk with Coco 4 out of the last 6 days ...I look no different...but I feel Better...Feeling Good is MORE Important than Looking Good. Lowering that BMI thing while doing Gym Stuff has got to make you Feel Better! That's the Key! BTW, I was at Uncle Timmy's & they were talking about a Wii Program?/Game?/Challenge? Wii has a Mat you stand on & the Wii tells you your Biological Age. Some 30 year olds read that they were 59! Some 40 Year Olds were told they were 30...Funny Stuff..

KMac said...

Pea, the Wii is a daily ritual for me. I weigh in on it every morning. I love the fact it will tell you your age based on your weight and a few tests. Last week, the Wii said I was 30...that's a few years younger...yippeee!

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