Monday, November 30, 2009

Too Fat To Graduate???

     Many people dismiss their BMI (Body Mass Index) as a demonstration of their overall health.  Lincoln University, a historically black college, in Oxford, Pennsylvania is bringing to light the importance of that number.  Students who have a BMI over 30, fall into the "obese" category and MUST take a fitness course called "Fitness for Life" that meets three hours per week.  Those who fail to do so, cannot graduate.  Swarms of people are up in arms about this rule and feel it is discriminatory and insulting.


      A university is a place to educate, inform and share ideas.  If students have not already learned about their bodies, exercise and nutrition, where else will they get this information?  It is a shame that "healthcare" is so reactionary rather than preventative and I appreciate the fact that Lincoln University is stepping up to teach people how to live well.

     I do, however, sympathize with folks who find Lincoln University's rule a bit offensive.  Singling out those with a BMI over 30, makes the assumption that those people are lazy or uneducated and that people who weigh too little or are in the normal weight range are eating well and exercising properly and need no further education on the topic.   Although I might weigh more, I feel that I am well read and educated, I am health conscious and frequent the gym far more often than many of the people I know with BMI's in the normal range.  Ideally, every student should get that same education.  In Lincoln's situation, budget constraints do restrict them from including everyone.  I would urge students who fall into that range not to focus on the stigma attached or being embarrassed, they should take full advantage of the opportunity to learn how to live.  They should open their minds and educate themselves about their greatest resource, their bodies -- it will save them lots of money in medical costs, improve their health and their moods and add years to their lives.

I'm curious what your thoughts are on the matter?

Good news on the weigh-in today I lost 3.2 lbs this week!  It was THANKSGIVING WEEK!)  I'm pleased as punch... My BMI is now at 30.6

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lady with a Baby

     I visited with my nutritionist the other day and we discussed the lull in my weight loss.  After evaluating what I have been eating, we discovered there is NO ROOM FOR ERROR in my diet if I want to lose.  I can't be good 95% of the time and then have a treat.  I had hoped that a plan like Weight Watchers would work for that would be considered a "lifestyle" and not a "diet" and gives you room to breathe with treats, provided that you aren't going over your "Points".  That's fine for a lot of people but not for me.  Even with my new plan, I cannot have eggs in lieu of my morning protein shakes or have carbs with lunch -- the carbs have to be saved for dinner ONLY.

     A lightbulb went on (finally, some of you may say) that I have to actually approach my weight loss as a PREGNANCY.  With my first son I went to the emergency room because I wasn't feeling well and discovered I was pregnant.  At that moment I realized I could not have alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, unpasteurized cheeses, sugar substitutes and sushi, period.  I wouldn't say "Oh, I'll just have this one shot of vodka with two Equals and a side of Brie" That would be abusive to my unborn child, the rule had to be an absolute.  I need to go forth as if I'm a LADY WITH A BABY if I want to succeed.  My nutritionist gave me a plan of attack for the next 6 months.  That seems like a long time, then I think,  that's only 3/4 the length of a pregnancy!  As with any pregnancy, there will surely be bouts of crankiness and resentment but there's no turning back!

Here's what I can and cannot do:

Breakfast:  Protein shake (eggs can substitute only in emergency)
Snack:  Fruit with less than 20% carbs (stay away from bananas)
Lunch:  1/3 protein (see below) with 2/3 veggies
Dinner:  1/3 protein with 2/3 veggies or 1/3 starch (see below) with 2/3 veggies
Starches are to be eaten a max of 2x a week
Fruit cannot be combined with protein
Starches cannot be combined with protein
A variety of supplements will be taken with each meal-to be discussed.


Vegetables- stick with those that have less than 20% carb content.
Fruit-6% carb content and lower (only eat melon by itself, not combined with other fruit)
Ocean veggies-nori, hijiki, wakame, kombu (I don't know what these are really!)
All fish except for shellfish
chicken, turkey, tofu, tempeh
Bottled and purified water
Lemon, lime and cranberry (concentrate only-diluted)
Well-cooked whole grains-millet, quinoa, corn, buckwheat, amaranth and pasta made from these grains.
Corn tortillas, tortilla shells, flat bread and corn bread that has no yeast or wheat
Potatoes, sweet potatoes (limited)
Ghee (clarified butter)
Cold pressed vegetable oils (canola, olive, flax, sunflower, safflower)
Beans (moderation)
Almonds in moderation)
Seeds: Flax, sunflower, pumpkin, caraway
Herbal Teas
Fresh lemon
Balsalmic vinegar

Cheese (My biggest challenge!)
Sugar and substitutes (except for Stevia)
Yeast, bread, pastries
Alcohol, cider or root beer
Condiments, sauces, mayonnaise, MSG, pickles, sauerkraut
Processed, pickled or smoke meats and fish (hot dogs, sausages, corned beef)
Dried and candied fruit and fruit juices
Sour milk products, buttermilk and sour cream
All nuts (except for almonds)
Packaged and processed foods and enriched flour products

So from here on out I have 5 months and 30 days before I "DELIVER".  I know that this is not going to be for the REST OF MY LIFE.  My nutritionist let me know that it is MUCH harder to lose than it is to maintain.  Before, I felt like I was being punished or something was being taken away from me.  But I will be looking at things as if I will GAIN something at the might not be a new baby but more energy, some new jeans, and few additional years of my life are pretty good too!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Put a fork in me, I'm done!

 For those of you who have been following my blog I must apologize for not achieving my goal of losing 15 lbs by Thanksgiving.  I truly wanted to have a success story for you by now.  I didn't lose 15 lbs but I have lost inches all around, I gained strength and stamina and learned so much about nutrition and the way my body works.  I am 7 lbs lighter than when I started this September 2009 and I am 22 lbs lighter than this time last year.  I still think that's something to be proud of and I appreciate all of your support!  I am going to continue my journey and try to step it up.  There are 4 weeks until Christmas. I am going to be more realistic this time and vow to lose 5 lbs. by then.  I will try not to look at this experience as a failure, but rather the opportunity to learn about myself.

     Turkey day itself was tons of fun.  We started out the day with a 5K.  The whole family took part including my 18 month old.  I ran with the double stroller and it felt good to get some fresh air and be a part of the community.  It was good to go into the day with a caloric deficit.  Of course, as many of you, I more than made up for it.  This is the 2nd year in a row we've ran this race and I think my family and I will make it a holiday tradition.  You should see my 4 year old run!  He inspires me --he ran it in about 36 minutes!

     Were you active on Thanksgiving? What did you do?



Monday, November 23, 2009

Aaaachhhoooo: Down for the count?

     I can't stop sneezing and as the countdown to Thanksgiving is on, I realize I may have to abandon my original goal of losing 15 lbs. by Turkey Day.  First, I am not even close to dropping 15,  I have only dropped 7.  I would attempt to drive on full-force but now that I'm sneezing and achy, I don't have the energy to workout and I don't want to go to the gym because I'm a germaphobe right now.  If I get sick, we all fall down...the kids get sick, then my husband's down for the count.  That means I'd have to cancel on my friends and I ruin Thanksgiving.  We have plans this weekend to run in a TURKEY TROT, a local 5K with the family and we are going to the Theatre to see Mary Poppins.  We paid enough for tickets so I WILL GO.   Last year during Christmas, the whole family flew in from the East Coast, Northern California, Atlanta and London and everyone contracted a roto-virus which was lurking around my house.  We were all completely miserable.  So, I'll stay out of the gym for now for the sake of my family.  I hear a lot of people say they don't want to get the H1N1 vaccine.  I find this soon as it's available for my oldest kids, we are first in line.  I was so concerned with the kids getting it, I failed to get myself the shot!

     Last night, I had Progresso's low-sodium chicken soup with wild rice...complete with crackers.  That meant, that I combined protein and carbs (God forbid!).  I actually felt guilty about it, but I think my appetite is gone except for the comfort of warm soup.  Check out the research on Chicken Soup  and it's ability to mitigate inflammation, by Dr. Stephen Rennard, M.D. from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha.  The soup, coupled with a snuggly fleece blanket and watching a movie (preferably a holiday one) with my three little kids will get me through.  My sweet husband stayed home today to make sure we're all taken care of.  I love that guy.

     How do you treat your body when you are ill?  How will you protect yourself?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Staying the Course on Thanksgiving

     I'm prepping for Thanksgiving - I'm hosting my family (there's five of us) as well as our friends with their two adorable kids.  I'm planning my menu and I need some help.  I want to obey the rule of eating protein and vegetables (no carbs).  Of course, I'll have stuffing and potatoes for my guests but I plan to (or hope to) stay away from them.

     I'm looking for some unique ideas for vegetables that are not prepared with carbs.  Any delicious ideas out there?  I'm looking for some creative answers that will spice up our table this year.

     I told you on Friday my goal was to hit a yoga class and workout once this weekend.  I didn't get to yoga but I ran 2 miles today.  I won't be weighing in tomorrow since I want to weigh in as close to Thanksgiving as possible.  I'll be hitting the scale on Wednesday morning.

     Looking forward to your feedback!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

How do I make my husband fat?

My three year old recently pointed to my belly and said "mom, why doesn't dad have that?"

I said "what?" in a a sarcastic tone, knowing full well what she meant.

"A big belly like that."  she said.

I answered in the most sugary, sweet tone I could fake. "We've been over this sweetie.  You and your brothers all lived in there and because you stretched it out, it's big.  You didn't get to live in daddy's belly, only in mine, it's just stretched out a little."  I answered.

The bitterness started to set in. Why WAS daddy's belly so flat?  He eats more than I do, doesn't ever worry about mixing carbs and proteins and he doesn't work out as often.  Every time I see the scale move in the right direction, his moves down even more.   I was so frustrated, I tracked down a trainer at my gym who I can hire to help bulk up my sweet but thin husband.  Don't get me wrong, he's lean and fit and completely adorable but I took the trainer's number and pleaded with him to make my husband weigh more than me.  Yes, he weighs less, it's embarrassing, I know.

So now one of my goals is to weigh less than 'skinny hubby'.  I'm just going to help the process a bit.  If I can't make my scale go down, then he's going to have to help me out and put on the lbs!  Besides forcing him to pump iron, I am going to make his meals laden with the most decadent cheeses and fattening cream sauces.  I'll start sending chocolate chip muffins and cookies into his office.  Maybe I'll put a cup of protein powder in every meal.  Whether or not I make my goal of 15 lbs by Thanksgiving, I will be focused on improving my BMI and I am now driven to weigh less and get rid of the remnants of my babies' "home".

Wish me luck!  Any other suggestions on how to fatten up my guy?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Do Peanut M&M's count as protein?

My nutritionist recommended that I eat peanuts or some kind of nuts for an afternoon snack.  I didn't have any today so I reached into my daughter's bag of Halloween candy and found two different versions of peanuts 1.) A Recess Peanut Butter cup and 2.) A small bag of Peanut M&M's.  I couldn't decide, so I attacked both.  Maaaannnnn, they were good!  Typically, I'd have a cup of coffee around 3 and not necessarily need a snack but I was all out of K-cups today and I couldn't find the cradle insert for my "easy to use" coffee maker.  I wanted to make tea but our Sparklett's dispenser had been unplugged so someone could use their laptop at the kitchen table.  So I felt like I deserved a special little treat (or two.)

   My body aches SO MUCH from working out with my trainer and I needed to give myself some love.  She took me outside and abused me.  She had me running around cars and skipping through an empty parking lot. I'm sure I looked like a complete moron but actually the skipping was sort of fun.  I hadn't done that in ages...I felt like a little kid.  My trainer had me doing step-ups along a fairly tall wall, I could barely get up on.  My butt aches now.  It was a great workout I have to say, tons of cardio, squats, step-ups. I asked her for a butt and thigh workout and that's clearly what she gave me because I can hardly stand up.

     This last week has been all cardio for me.  Yesterday I did 20 minutes on the bike, 10 minutes on the stairmaster and 15 minutes on the elliptical.  I was sort of A.D.D yesterday!  I'm hoping to get to yoga class and do a 1 hour run on the treadmill this weekend.  That's my goal anyway.

     How will you stay active this weekend?????

Thursday, November 19, 2009


     The last couple of nights I had the chance to go out with the girls, and it was a blast.  But I have to admit, I gave in to the temptations that presented themselves.  The first offense came in the form of a RED VELVET CUPCAKE (a MINI red velvet cupcake-but still, a cupcake).  I don't even know what the heck "red velvet" is -- but it is the most decadent of cupcakes and I don't even really have a sweet tooth.  It might have been the cream cheese frosting I was attracted to, or how adorable they were sitting on a plate with other types of mini-cupcakes.  It was calling my name.  "Go for it, go for it...." the cupcakes chanted.

   The 2nd dieting faux pau this week was having a slice (plus a little more) of Valentino's cheese pizza, a local favorite of mine.  My friend offered some of his perfect cheese pizza and I WENT FOR IT.  It had the perfect blend of flavorful sauce and melted mozzarella cheese falling off the fresh baked thin crust...a slice of heaven.

     I feel as if I had a one night stand last night.  The guilt set in and then justification, followed by more guilt.  Alas, I have admitted my mistake - I needed to have a little fun, a break in the monotony of my protein and vegetable laden menus and enjoy myself.  They were both delicious and satisfying but I will move forward this morning focused and in the right direction!

Tell me the worst thing you ate...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


              image courtesy of 

     As I approached the elliptical machine at the gym today, a young guy started talking to he knew me.  I was hesitant to speak with him.  I didn't recognize him.  "How does he know me?" I thought.  As he continued speaking I thought "Did we go to college together? Did we work together once?"  Finally, he said "well, you're a regular here....."  Did he just call me a REGULAR?  He recognized me because we were both there, working out every day.  He considered me a friend.  Have I actually become one of them?  A real live gym rat? I felt this sudden sense of pride. That meant I was doing what I set out to do. Get in the gym, work hard make it a priority and a lifestyle.

     Even though the scale hasn't moved I was thrilled to have been recognized as a "regular".  The only time I was ever considered a regular was at the local bar in college.  That's progress and motivation in my book!

Monday, November 16, 2009

All things being equal

     I weighed in today at Weight Watchers and was EXACTLY the same as last week down to the tenth of a pound.  I was amazed but I can't say I was disappointed.  I followed ALL the rules this week, I ate well (salad, lean protein, water), took all my nutritional supplements and exercised.  I can feel my body changing every day.  My legs feel tighter, my arms feel smaller and my mind is calmer.  I am very confident that positive changes are coming and I am certain the lbs. will come off this week.  I'm just going to stay focused.

     My stated goal was that I would lose 15 lbs. before Thanksgiving.  That's 10 days from now and so far I  have lost 7 lbs.  That means, I will have to lose almost 1 pound a day to achieve my goal.  That's virtually impossible.  But I am not going to stop trying.  This is when I might typically GIVE UP.

Help! Any advice out there for getting over these humps?  How do you keep your chin up in times like these?

Friday, November 13, 2009

The mouths of babes

My weight loss efforts have become a family affair.

    Each day I weigh in on my Wii Fit and my kids cheer me on.  They understand that Mom's tummy has to go "down" since she had so many babies in such a short time.  The other day my four year old son looked up from his video game and said, "Mom, I can tell your tummy is going down, down, down.  It's almost to the bottom.  It has to go down, because I lived in there, Amanda lived there and Luke lived there and we needed a lot of room."  They offer up the sweetest compliments and are so sincere in their delivery.  My son's comment reminded me how truly amazing my tummy really was, to house 3 different children.  It was a place where they would eat, sleep and breathe for a total of over 2 years!  It's really wonderful and magical that a woman's body is capable of doing all of that.  It makes all of the diet and exercise business worth it, to look at those sweet faces and see them rally around me to support my efforts to shrink their "home".

       My four year old recently asked "Mom, does mac 'n' cheese make you fat?" I paused and thought "Am I going to make my kids anorexic?" since I have been somewhat obsessed with weight loss lately.  I try to focus on my family's HEALTH and present them with the most nutritious options and teach them the best ways to eat.  I answered honestly.  "If you only eat mac 'n' cheese or you eat too much of it and not enough vegetables, then, yes, it will make you fat."  I felt pretty satisfied with that answer and I spoke the truth, but I do hope I am setting the correct example.  There are too many children suffering from obesity and I don't want my children to feel that pain.  Of course, mac 'n' cheese is a favorite of theirs, and we do serve it, but they understand that it has to balanced with other things like fresh vegetables or fruit.
I'm curious, how do you handle weight issues in your household?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Baring it all at the gym

     I'm no prude, but is it really necessary to take off all your clothes and blow dry your hair at the gym? And is it normal to have conversations with people you've just met in your birthday suit?  Yesterday I wasn't sure it was a good idea for the middle-aged (and that's being nice) lady to put her leg up on the counter, apply lotion, and completely bend over....and did I mention that she was naked?

     I used to see movies like "Animal House" and other teen flicks and think..."why do they have women walking around naked talking to each other?  That's so stupid. Girls don't really do that."  At least not the girls I hung out with.  I mean, we've gone to the spa together but that's different...we hit the sauna or the hot tub...we do our thing and then wrap a towel around us. But since I've increased my gym time, it's become apparent that some women actually do like to chat it up buck naked.  There are the 'gym rats' who think it's their right to walk around naked because they've made the gym their home.  Or the women who want to prove they have no tan lines and are super buff.  But many times it's the women who are NOT in the best shape that choose to bare it all.  I find that so interesting...that they can be so confident with all their flab and cellulite. They don't seem to care.  Maybe it's me?

Tell me YOUR take on the subject...


Here's what I did the last couple days:
Tuesday:  30 minutes on the treadmill, weights
Wednesday:  Ran/walked 40 minutes, biked 10
Thursday: Worked out with my trainer concentrating on abs and core.  It was a tough one!

Eating has been good.  Still doing the following:

Breakfast:  Eggs or Protein shake with strawberries
Snack: Fruit
Lunch:  1/3 protein and 2/3 veggies
Snack:  Palmful of nuts or cheese stick
Dinner:  1/3 protein and 2/3 veggies  OR 1/3 starch and 2/3 protein
(sometime I do the starch/protein at lunch)
I am not combining protein and carbs in the same meal (this includes fruit with trail mix)
Lots of water-except with dinner...only 6 oz then.

It's been relatively easy and I can actually feel it working this week.  Whether or not the scale show is this week I am well aware of the fact that my body is changing.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Honoring Veterans

     I want to say THANK YOU to all the men and women who serve or have served in our Armed Forces.  These brave people "go for it" every single day, protecting and defending the United States of America so we can enjoy the freedom that comes with living in this great country.

     I am proud to say I am the daughter of a retired military officer who spent his career in service to the United States.  We lived on several Army bases where I had the pleasure of knowing, becoming friends with and looking up to military officers and their families.  My Uncle Larry also served in Vietnam and this brave soldier lost his life for our country.  I appreciate what all of them have done to protect me, my children and America.

     Please take a minute to thank a soldier today and let them know how valuable they are to our nation, our states and our communities.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I will be a Fashionista

I've heard it's a good idea to state your goals aloud, that is one way to make them come true.  Well, I want to be a "Fashionista".  I want to wear fabulous outfits by the most creative and well know designers from all over the world.  And I want to choose them.

Heidi Klum has baby girlWhen you are carrying extra weight around, you don't choose your own style, styles choose you.  You have to make decisions on what to buy or what to wear based on clothes that are "forgiving" or hide your "problem areas".  I've been watching Project Runway and am hoping they'll have a challenge to create sexy, sophisticated clothes for those people that have some extra junk in the trunk.  Get Heidi on the phone!

Right now, the choices for women suffering from "post-baby body" are limited.  Why do the designers of larger clothes choose unflattering, outdated prints (think muumuus) and high waisted jeans that just promote the muffin top? Do they really think that their consumer will look better in these clothes? Or is it the designers way of saying..."serioulsy, you need to lose some lbs.  I'm helping you to be healthier by making your clothing options horrible, cheap and just plain ugly."

At the end of this weight loss journey lies the keys to the fashion kingdom.  I will be unstoppable - Versace, Valentino, Chanel, Armani, Carolina Herrera, Marchesa, Dior, Dolce & Gabanna, Elie Saab...I'm coming!!!!!  Never again will my husband say "what else do you have?" when I ask his opinion about an outfit"!  Get Rachel Zoe on the phone...I'll be your Project!

Yesterday was a fairly good eating day.  Last night I attended an hour and a half Iyengar Yoga class at Yogaworks...ouch! I'm feeling the 'love' today!

Please tell me:
Who will you wear when you you are your ideal weight?

Monday, November 9, 2009

What goes up MUST come down

So last weekend I thought I was one of the Hilton sisters parading around Hollywood sipping martinis.  That did me in for last week's weigh-in and I gained 3.4 lbs.  I didn't stress too much, because  1.) it's sort of fun to be a Hilton and 2.) I knew that if I got back on track, focused and was strict, the weight would come off.  And it did! Today I weighed in and I lost 3.8 lbs. Yipppeee! It felt really good to get on that scale and see it move in the right direction.

I haven't blogged in a couple of days because I am going for another goal simultaneously.  I am participating in National Novel Writing Month.  Check out  At the end of the month I will come away with a 50,000 page novel (about the length of THE GREAT GATSBY).  So far, it's been an incredible experience which requires about 2 hours a day to write about 1700 words and do JUST THAT.  No editing and you are not even supposed to use the backspace key.  You are supposed to KEEP GOING.  I am taking a course which guides you through the process and our instructor had a great analogy to keep us going:

If you were training for a marathon, would you put one foot in front of the other and then say "That wasn't good, I think I'll go back and do it again!"

Well, the answer is clearly NO.  This writing exercise enables wanna-be novelists to let go and truly "Just do it".  I highly recommend it!  And if you can't wait 'til next year, April is set to be "National Script Writing Month."  Check it out!

I haven't been journaling my food, I needed a break from all that.  I have been doing quite well though, finding some creative ways to incorporate more veggies.  But here's the exercise I've been doing:

Friday:  I was stuck in the house with the baby who had an ear infection so I made the most of it.  I did yoga on my Wii Fit.  It wasn't a lot but it got me moving and I have increased my balance significantly according to the Wii.

Saturday:  I didn't get to do anything since I had the 2 boys and a soccer game.

Sunday:  Hit the gym and was excited about it.  I biked for 10 minutes, 100 sit-ups on the ball, bicycles (lying on my back), squats, biceps, triceps, leg extensions, lying on back leg extensions, treadmill 10 minutes (11 min miles for 5 minutes, walked 5).

How was your week?

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Power of Negative Thinking


      I consider myself a "glass is half full" kind of person.  I try my best to look at the positive and give people (including myself) the benefit of the doubt.  I had a fantastic conversation with my nutritionist this week about the psychology of weight loss and how being positive thinker may not be benefiting my efforts.  He took a seminar with Tony Robbins who suggested looking at things in a new way.  People do things for two reasons:  to GAIN PLEASURE or AVOID PAIN.

     It doesn't behoove me to think "How will my life be better if I lose this weight or accomplish this goal?"  Well, the truth is --not much.  I will still be married to a great guy with my three little munchkins.  If I lose the weight I will still live in the same house, have the same amount of money and have the same supportive friends.  The big difference is that I will be healthier, I will fit into cute jeans, I will keep up with my kids and can tell you I accomplished this goal...I may even be a little bit happier.  But so what?  Is that enough not to indulge in some birthday cake? Not really.

The truth is, none of the that is that enticing.  I mean, it's nice.  But it's not enough.

NEGATIVE THINKING, on the other hand, can be MUCH more powerful.  I decided to make a list of the things that might happen if I don't lose weight.  Some of them are far-fetched, but here goes:

- I won't be present in family photos because I'm embarrassed and feel self-conscious.
-  I won't be able to shop in the "normal" stores anymore.
- I'll skip my high school reunion because I'm embarrassed.

- I will be one of those women in a clip on the news, when they report of fat people.  You know, when they just show their fat butt and not their faces?
- People will point at me and laugh and kids will say "mom, did you see that fat lady?"
- I will avoid being in my bathing suit which=denying my kids trips to the beach.
-  My kids will be embarrassed to be with me.
- I will have to be the woman on the plane requesting the seat belt extension, or worse, my ass won't fit into an airplane seat at all and I won't be able to travel.
- My husband will divorce me because I don't want to travel or go to the beach.
-  The kids will avoid me or find me disgusting.
-  I will develop diabetes, have a heart attack or develop Cancer.
-  I will die and not be around to see my kids graduate from high school, get married, or become parents.


I haven't been updating my workouts and meals, taking a bit of a break.  Yesterday I did 30 minutes of cardio and added in some strength moves-  lat pull downs, downward facing dog, thighs, lifting weighted ball above head until I was sore.  The day before I did 30 minutes of cardio-bike & elliptical.

What motivates you to work out, to GAIN PLEASURE or to AVOID PAIN?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thoughts and prayers for Fort Hood


    As I sit at my computer ready to create today's blog post, I am at a loss for words.  I can't bore you with the details of what I ate today or how I need to exercise more often.  There are far more important, serious things going on it our nation today.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Fort Hood, Texas for the tragedy that transpired today.  As the daughter of a retired military officer, I grew up an "Army Brat" and cannot imagine something so horrific happening on post.  For those of you who don't know, living on post is an extremely close group of people united in a cause - to defend this amazing country.  It is so sad that a suspect could possibly be one of our own.  I have several friends who have been stationed at Fort Hood and have visited there myself.  I also have a friend who is stationed there with his family today...thank God, he and his family are doing okay.  I am so thankful for the brave men and women of Fort Hood and want them to know my family and I are praying for them.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One step forward, two steps back

Well, I was just pleased as punch last week when I took off 4.6 lbs.  I felt like the friggin' Biggest Loser.  Well, I am a big loser and I put most of it back on over this last week.

But I had fun doing it.

I had lots of family in town and I did my best to eat as well as I could.  I ate salads instead of pasta, avoided carbs, drank my protein shakes.  I was a good girl, until the drinks kicked in.  A late night bowl of pasta with parmesan cheese was totally necessary to soak up the booze.

Friday night we took a limo up to Hollywood for my husband's birthday complete with vodka.  Somehow I must have thought that the martini's at the Skybar at the Mondrian Hotel are devoid of calories.  I mean, we were in Hollywood where the celebs could the drinks be fattening?  We headed over to legendary Dan Tana's for dinner where we spotted bad ass Christopher Walken.  I ordered some fabulous dish but it wasn't quite "diet" food.  It was Veal Scallopini and it tasted divine.

Saturday we went to a fabulous Halloween party where the drinks flowed again.  It didn't matter that I had salad instead of pasta with the rest of the family, or that I avoided any and all halloween candy (I was so proud), I still managed to consume to many calories.

Sunday we met my sister-in-laws family.  We went to dinner...I chose the fish, asked for no rice and extra veggies problem.  But my daughter didn't touch her macaroni and cheese...with the goopy yellow cheese.  I was disappointed, so I helped her out.  Big mistake.

With the weekend behind me, I couldn't face my readers (if you're out there) until I got myself together.  I am willing to admit my mistakes and get back on it.  I shared my story with my nutritionist who politely shook his head when I asked "So, do you think I can lose 15 lbs. by Thanksgiving?" in the gym...make it happen...and stay away from the Mac 'n' Cheese.  That's my plan for the week!

Did you indulge in your kids candy???? Do tell the worst thing you did this weekend...Please... I need to feel better about myself!