Monday, October 5, 2009

Sculptworks & Success!

I took at class at Yogaworks yesterday called SCULPTWORKS.  With bands, a ball, and gliding discs, we worked our biceps, triceps, core, legs and every other muscle including some I didn't know I had.  The class was a combination of Pilates, dance moves and body conditioning also focusing on alignment and posture. It was a multi-dimensional workout that made me sweat and tone my entire body.

And, I'm excited to say that I weighed in today and lost 2.4 pounds.  YEAH! I'm really psyched and fired up to do it again this week.

Here's what my Sunday looked like:

Workout:  Sculptworks
Breakfast:  ½ banana (1)
Lunch:  Wheat bread, turkey, lowfat swiss cheese, mustard (6)
Snack:  Skinny Vanilla Latte (3)
Dinner:  Salmon (4) Rainbow chard (sauteed with a little olive oil and onions) (1) , salad (1), 2 fingerling potato (1) , red wine (4)

Total: 21 points – under by 5 points.


Gloria Cantu said...

Great job Kelly!! I too have done the sculptworks class....AND LOVE IT!! I am hoping to make it to a class this evening, if my hubby gets home early enough :)

Anonymous said...

I go back to the "tape measure" The Most Important Measurement...Zumba? Skinny Sister?/Mim's...Sculptworks??? Just keep "moving" whether you have to Pay for it or Not...just keep Moving...