Monday, September 7, 2009


 I have a confession to make.

I was really hungover today.

I have to admit this to you because I feel like I'm leading a double-life, Fitness/Weight Loss Blogger by day Heavy Drinker by night.

After a failed attempt to go to a BBQ last night (our oldest son got sick), my husband and I decided to make some, I mean many, cocktails (my poison was Rum and Diet Coke), while eating sushi and playing scrabble.

This morning I was hating myself.  Not quite the symbol of health that I wanted to be.  I was determined to get the cobwebs out, hit the gym, and sweat out the booze.  After consuming a mass amount of water, I got in my 30 minutes of cardio.  That 30 minutes seemed so overwhelming to me so I  BROKE IT UP into smaller increments and it seemed much more doable.

10 minutes on the bike
10 minutes running on the treadmill
10 minutes on the elliptical trainer (at various inclines)

I added in 3 sets of 12 of the following exercises:

1.) The Butt Booster- courtesy of and Gunnar Peterson, trainer to the stars, like Jennifer Lopez and Penelope Cruz.

2.) The Total Tightener- courtesy of and Teddy Bass, trainer to Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu.

Video of Gunnar & Teddy's moves at

3.) Squats

I cooled down on the bike for 5 minutes.   Then we hit the park with 3 kids.  We played baseball, climbed trees and rode bikes.

I'm proud to say I got a sweat going and I will have a healthier outlook this week.

I hope you all enjoyed your BBQ's, the beach, family time, and whatever else you did this weekend.  I promise to be a better influence this week! Happy Labor Day!

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